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pro sony propoganda

Right, need to post something pro sony or i’ll look like one of those oh-so-trendy sony haters you see everywhere these days. I ❤ Loco Roco. Advertisements

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The joys of modern electronics

Around 18 months ago I got meself a nice new HDtv, you know, to be all modern and stuff. Me, being slightly too excited about actually buying a HDtv didn’t engage the part of my brain that was trying to … Continue reading

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Who’s a tougher 60 year old?

Vincent Kennedy McMahon or John Rambo Answer: John Rambo. Edit: vid got removed so i’ve replaced it with another one.

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Oops! They did it again I think my blog may be coming across a little anti Sony. I’ll have to do something about that.

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Transformers the movie may well be the most awesome thing ever!

Now everyone knows the 1986 Transformers animated film was actually created when all the great film making minds – and Nelson Shin, the lightabre animating guy – all came together and brainstormed on what would be the best film ever. … Continue reading

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PS3 loves PGR3!

Who knows how long this site will stay active but here’s a link anyway And here’s a pic just incase

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LittleBigPlanet’s copywrite inringment-o-rama! Dunno about you guys but those were printed in EDGE magazine 2 months ago when they got the first look at the game. They are just concept sketches, of course. Still, I’d be up for some Mario vs The … Continue reading

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