Where Nintendo has gone wrogn with Mario Kart Wii

Number 1:

The new circuits are more rollercoaster than race track. The developers seem to have been scared of flat surfaces and felt the best thing to do is spen most of the tracks layout rolling all over the place and hitting "wicked air" off halfpipes. If nintendo wanted to make course like this why not just make a new 1080 Snowboarding game?

Numbah 2:

Not enough SNES tracks. Only 2 curcuits and 1 battle level from the original Mario Kart makes me an unhappy monkey. There’s quite a few Mario Kart games now so I’m sure picking out just 16 for the retro GPs is tough but why not just have 5 races per GP instead of four?…. Oh wait, it’s a Nintendo game. No formula can be messed with.

Numba 3:

The weapon scaling ystem sucks. it sucked in Mario Kart Double Dash, It sucked in Mario Kart DS and it’s worse than ever in Mario Kart Wii. I know they want the races to be close but there’s better ways of doing this than giving the rubbish players a ton of first place shells and bullet bills. Hows about increasing the distance behind an opponent you can draft boost them from. Or if weapon scaling should be used make it so it only effects the boost mushrooms.

Numbeh D:

Friends codes suck. It makes no sense that you get a friend code for mario Kart but it can check your Wii Console friends list. Why not just use the consoles friends list to begin with so you don’t have to go adding everyone from you wii list to your mario kart one.

Numero 5:

Online is good but poorly thought out. I’ve had about 20 races online and when searching for players I have no idea if it has found any until it brings up all the question mark bubbles. Why don’t they appear as you join the race? Players shouldn’t be able to vote for the same track 2 times in a row. I was in a group earlier that kept choosing Luigi Curcuit and Wario Stadium. Also whats the use of seeing if my friends are playing online? They will likely be playing through the GPs for the extra characters. Surely with Wiiconnect 24 they could make it so you can see if your friends are playing single player too.

Other than all that this is a good Mario Kart. Just not the best. Better than Double Dash though.


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Just a dude who likes movies and games and has delusions of working in one of those industries. Write screenplays and work on short films in my spare time. Most of which never get finished.
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2 Responses to Where Nintendo has gone wrogn with Mario Kart Wii

  1. Aaron says:

    you know where Nintendo went wrong with Mario Kart = the series?
    they made Mario Kart DD with no online play.
    if they had just skipped MK:DD and made only this one, i\’d be a lot more interested in this game. Mario Kart DD + online play just don\’t appeal to me really, because MK: DD sucked.

  2. Chris says:

    I loved Double Dash! Totaly agree with your points though, MK:Wii is a good game but not great. Even though I have very fond memorys of the SNES version, MK:DS is the best outing so far in my opinion.

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