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Tigger approves Battlefield Bad Company

When asked why Tigger responded "The wonderful thing about Battlefield Bad Company is that destructions a wonderful thing". He was later slapped for being unable to come up with a good play on words for his classic song. Advertisements

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Broke out of my shell today.

I got to play Rock Band and in a shock moment of madness I decided to sing. Yup, sing. HOW RARE! Decided first to sing Go With The Flow by Queens of the Stone Age. And to say I aced … Continue reading

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Where Nintendo has gone wrogn with Mario Kart Wii

Number 1: The new circuits are more rollercoaster than race track. The developers seem to have been scared of flat surfaces and felt the best thing to do is spen most of the tracks layout rolling all over the place … Continue reading

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About the price of Rock Band for 360 in the UK…

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Free Parappa the rapper music!! Possibly the greatest freebie ever! NOW KICK!!!!

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yep, that’s right. 3 blogs in one day.

I must own this game. Kawaii levels are at a height i can’t physically resist. Screw nintendogs. Theres a new virtual pet in town and he’s currently 12cms long!

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well what do we have here?

Could it be reason number 2 for owning a PS3? Reason 1 is MGS4 BTW.

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